Interview Skills Coaching

What to Expect

Getting the job you want is more competitive than ever and making a strong and lasting impression at all stages of the recruitment process is essential. Professional feedback on your cv and interview performance can make all the difference between success and failure. Here is what to expect from the consultation process:

Before the one to one consultation session:
  • Initial telephone consultation
  • Discussion of your current situation, progress and goals
  • Analysis of your cv, the job description and the person specification
  • Creation of a customised ‘interview script’
During the consultation session:
  • Constructive feedback on your cv
  • Insight into the recruitment process and what recruiters are looking for
  • Coaching through the interview script and how to answer
  • Feedback on body language and presentation skills
  • Valuable tips on interviewing successfully
After the consultation session:
  • Telephone support throughout the recruitment process
  • Telephone advice and support at offer negotiation and contract stage

“Thanks very much for the cv help and interview coaching. I felt much better prepared at the interview and was able to answer their questions better and more confidently. I’m very happy to say that I have been offered the job and I’m very happy to recommend your services. Thanks again.” L.C. Linlithgow

“Thanks for all your help with my cv. Your advice on the structure has made a huge difference and your support through this job application has been invaluable.” Dr M.C. Dublin